Gone Solar!

An intention was set out last year to switch our home energy source to one that is free, clean, abundant and home grown.

The universe went to work.Six months later and right at the middle of Earth week, we've had the blessing of activating our rooftop solar system. 

I am sharing what was learned in this journey so you can decide for yourself if gong solar will work for you.

What Is a Solar System?

A solar system captures the energy from the sun and converts sunlight into energy for use in our homes. This system is typically mounted on the rooftop to maximize exposure to sunlight. This is typically the south facing part roof if you live in the Northern Hemisphere.

How Does It Produce Energy?

When the sunlight strikes the cell of the solar panel, the cells get “excited” and creates electrical current. The generated current is direct current or DC, which is similar to what your car battery produces.  The DC current goes flows through an inverter to convert DC into alternating current (AC). AC is the type of electricity needed for your house load.

How do you get Energy at Night or During the Gray Winter Months?

Some use batteries to store excess energy for later use. In my region, the electric utility has a beautiful net metering program that allows home solar power generators to send their excess energy back to the grid. This is called a grid-tied or on grid system. Below is a process diagram explanation of a grid-tied system.

The components of a solar system is really boring. They are quiet, non-intrusive, no moving parts, do not require attention and just quietly works away.

But therein lies the magic of producing your energy from a solar system. There isn’t much to it. It isn’t capital intensive unlike the typical centralized power plant, its main fuel source (the sunlight) is free and abundant most times of the year, it quietly hums along and produces clean energy right from your roof! There is no drama and the system saves you money when the sun is out and shining.

These days I usually find myself being drawn in the garage on sunny days. The buzzing sound from the solar inverter is music to my ears because it means that the system is producing energy. 

Not only am I saving money because of the asset on my roof but the energy generated comes from a source that does not involve exploiting and extracting from our environment.  

Being energy independent shields your family finances from future rate increases from the utility company. Think about locking in your energy prices for 30 to 50 years at today's prices.

Interested in learning more about solar?

Interested in knowing whether switching to solar will work for you? Send me a message (raul@earth-stewardship.com) or  click this link.