How to Take a Break From Paying Your Electric Bills

Picture having this conversation with your partner at the dinner table --  “Ahem – honey I want to take a break from paying my Hydro bills starting this Spring OK? Let’s use the savings for <type something where you use your resource to create a better world >>.

Let this sink in for a moment.

Yes Banana Joe - you can save money WHILE creating a more sustainable world. Let me switch gears for a moment ...

A couple of months ago I shared a plan to become energy independent and reduce my utility bill. The plan came into fruition this week with the installation of energy-generating solar panels on the roof. Yay!

Pretty freaking soon, my roof will be generating clean power by tapping into the most abundant (and free) source of energy that Mother Nature provides.

The 21 solar panels = 9300 KWH (approx) per year

Let’s look at the real-world solar energy potential using the nice bar graphs below

Solar energy generation increases in the spring, summer and early fall when my part of the world receives more sunlight What this means is that I will have really low utility bills starting May up to early November EVERY year. You gotta love those very small teal colored bars. 

Who would have thought that you could generate clean power from your roof a couple of years ago?

It is typical to get 25 years manufacturer's warranty but these systems can last 30 to 50 years. They are darn simple - no moving parts, very low maintenance and the only reminder this system is up there is through your reduced electric bills.

Remember that energy is recurring and essential cost. By switching to solar, you will be locking your energy cost to today's rates for the lifetime of the solar system. While utility companies keep increasing their rates, you or your business will have a stable energy price.

Some takeaways for you:

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  • Post below what you want to know about solar energy system for your home or business.