Switching to Free, Limitless and Home-Grown Energy

Free and Clean Energy

Energy, as we produce it today, is the single most polluting industry in the world and a major contributor to global warming.

We create a big mess in our current way of extracting and distributing energy for our houses and places of work. We extract coal, oil, gas or uranium by digging them from underneath.

Then we pollute even more when we process these resources.

Meanwhile, the sun comes out every day with its vast energy whose potential we’ve barely tapped into

Joe Jordan of NASA Ames Research Center explained that solar irradiance, which is a fancy word to measure the quantity of power received from the sun, is MORE than enough for the global energy demand.  The small box on the lower right side of the diagram below represents the global energy demand. On the bottom left is the representation of the remaining reserves for oil, gas, coal, and uranium. Clearly, the sun is Mother Nature’s way for abundantly providing the clean energy we need. Why not tap into it – we have the resources and the technology is ready and affordable.


Have you ever wondered if you could get a portion or maybe all of your home energy from the sun?

Last weekend, I invested my time to learn solar power design and installation. I am switching to renewable energy for my home and here are the reasons why:

  • Free – The sun’s energy is abundant and free. Once you have made the upfront cost of installing your own rooftop power generation, you will have either a reduced or zero or even get a credit from your utility company depending on the size of your solar system. We don’t have to fight wars to avail of it – it is democratically distributed.

  • Clean – Each household that goes solar reduces household carbon emissions by replacing fossil fuel consumption with renewable energy, creating a cleaner environment and a better future for their family.
  • Cost have gone down and Technology Keeps Advancing.
  • Energy Independence – Tapping into abundant home solar energy means increasing your energy independence and reducing dependence on foreign sources of energy as well as the pollution associated with fossil fuel extraction and transportation.

As this article was written, the world’s most authoritative voice on climate science, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), released their report on what it will take to limit global climate change to 1.5°C. Reading the article will probably scare or depress you. I did but in the end, I got more determined to do the things that I have control to change course and give us and the generation after us the same or better environment to thrive. Game on!

The bottom line:  any hope for a safe climate hinges on ceasing fossil fuel expansion, immediately. Those coal, gas, and oil need to stay in the ground. Generating your own energy from rooftop solar is one of the ways YOU can do right now.

Watch for a separate blog will be written on the journey of switching to renewable energy for my home.

I would love to get your thoughts on why you would or would not switch your home power source to a solar rooftop.